1st & 3rd Sundays at 10am (Gathered Sundays)

All of our missional communities gather as one to worship at The Hub (1815 E Clay Street). Anybody (and we do mean anybody) is welcome.  Jesus follower or just curious.  In a missional community or not. Come join us.

2nd & 4th Sundays (Scattered Sundays)

We will worship in our missional communities, either in homes or in the place where each missional community is seeking to be a blessing (times will vary). Scattered Sundays are an opportunity to "be the church" not just "attend church."

5th Sundays 

5th Sundays don't come around very often, but when they do we will set aside these Sundays for new and creative ways to worship Jesus.  This might mean something like Breakfast Church, Pop-up Church at a unique location in our community or other creative ideas. Stay tuned for details.

If you want to visit one of our missional communities on a 2nd or 4th Sunday, contact Chris and he'll help you figure out the options and how to get connected., Our missional communities love visitors.