Our Heart

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Mission. 

How God is leading us to be a different kind of church. 

Our Mission: To establish and nurture missional communities whose purpose is to live so warmly, openly, and lovingly with each other and with those we meet that they become compelled to know Jesus, become his disciple and live a life of mission.

Our Vision for the Future: We envision a multiplying network of missional communities loving specific groups of people in our community in such creative and transformative ways that new disciples are drawn to Jesus and the whole Body of Christ in Thomasville is united in Jesus’ mission to the world.

Our Values: Love for God, Love for One Another, Love for our Neighbors, Disciple-making, Truth and Grace, Being the Church, Faith in Action. 


Love for God: Above all else we want to love God with our whole beings. Jesus said this was the greatest commandment (Matt 22:37-38). The only way we can love God is because he first loved us and showed us what love looks like (Rom 5:8).

Love for One Another: Authentic, generous, self-giving love should permeate every aspect of our lives together within the church. Our love for one another should mark us as a unique community and prove to the watching world that Jesus is indeed real and living among us (John 13:34-35).

Love for our Neighbors: God’s love is always moving outward, seeking to include those who don’t yet know His great love. Because God has blessed us, we want to be a blessing to our neighbors. We take the time to build relationships with people because they are valuable in God’s eyes. One of the best ways we can love our neighbors is by helping them eventually come to know the love of God for themselves.


Jesus has clearly given us the mission of making disciples (Matt 28:18-20). A disciple is someone who is patterning their life after the life of Jesus. Discipleship does not happen primarily through programs, but through relationships. Every believer, as they grow, should be investing in the life of someone else who is a few steps behind them in their faith journey. For us, this is now we measure success, not by gathering large crowds or building impressive buildings, but by whether or not we are forming disciples who are in turn forming disciples.

Truth and Grace

Jesus was the perfect balance of truth and grace (John 1:14). He boldly spoke and lived the truth, but also generously showed grace to those who were lost in sin. We want to live the same way. We will boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel as revealed through Jesus and in Scripture. Yet we will do so humbly, knowing that we are deeply flawed and completely dependent upon the unmerited grace of God ourselves. Full of grace AND truth — one without the other is not the whole gospel.

Being the Church

Being the church is way more than going to church. Church is not a building. Church is not a weekly event. Church is not even an institution. Church is the people of God together on mission in the world every day of the week. Church is who we are everyday, everywhere as we follow Jesus together as a community of believers. The Hub is just one local expression of Jesus’ universal Church made up of believers all around the world. Together, we are the church.


As we follow Jesus, we can expect that he will eventually call us to step out and put our faith into action. It might be scary. It might seem impossible. We might not feel equipped. But we grow the most when we are willing to step out in obedience. We want to be a fellowship that encourages and supports one another to boldly obey Jesus, even at great personal cost to ourselves. He is worth it.