Our Story

The Hub had it’s beginnings when a group of Jesus followers started asking some honest questions:

  • Why does today’s church look so different than what read about in the book of Acts?
  • Jesus was called a “friend of sinners” (they wanted to spend time with him) yet he made religious people uncomfortable. Why is the exact opposite true for many Christians today?
  • Is church really all about attending a weekly event where 2-3 people use their gifts and everyone else watches?
  • What does it mean for us to “be the church” all week, as opposed to attending church?
  • What would happen if every believer embraced their calling to be a minister and make disciples?
  • What could God do in and through us if we totally submit to his leadership?

We concluded that God was leading us to be a different kind of church and a group of leaders began praying and planning. In January 2018, The Hub had its first public worship and started our first two Missional Communities (MCs). 

How is The Hub Different?

We are a network of Missional Communities, each serving our city during the week and then gathering as one Body to worship every other Sunday.  For us, Missional Communities, are our primary expression of church.  Sunday mornings are not the "main event" but simply add momentum to what our Missional Communities are doing all week long.

What is a Missional Community?

Think of a group of friends who do life together with Jesus at the center of their friendship, who have also identified a specific neighborhood or group of people where they wish to be a blessing and make disciples. While most churches exert a lot of time/energy/money on trying to get unchurched people to come to us and attend our services, we want to send out our people to build relationships with those in our community who might never attend a church in the first place. We don't expect our neighbors to cross all the cultural barriers in our direction. We believe love makes the first move and seeks out those who are far from God. We believe our missional communities are a full expression of church, so instead of inviting people to "attend church" we send the church into the world to build relationships with our neighbors, bless them, and demonstrate to them the love of Jesus. Church is the people of God on mission in the world, not just an event we attend on Sundays.

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Mission.

We are ordinary people who love Jesus -- no superstars or perfect people here.  We've just experienced God's generous love and grace and we want to share it.  Learn more about Our Heart and consider joining us on this extraordinary mission.