We are ordinary people from all walks of life

who just happen to believe that the love of Jesus can change the world. 

We are missional communities.

Missional Communities are groups of people who join together around the purpose of loving God, loving one another, and loving our neighbors.  Missional Communities are central to who we are at The Hub.  These communities are formed with a common desire to bless a specific neighborhood or network of people in Thomasville. We share meals together, spend time with one another, study and pray together. We also engage in God's mission together by reaching out to those God has called us to.

We are worshippers.

On Sundays at 10am all of our Missional Communities gather as one for worship and Bible-centered teaching.  Coffee is available in our lobby and everyone is encouraged to dress comfortably.  A nursery for children 4 and under is also available. Worship for us is all about celebrating God's goodness, learning from his Word, encouraging one another and then scattering to live out our faith beyond the walls where we meet on Sundays.  Worship should inspire and equip us to BE the church everyday.

We are disciples.

A disciple is a follower of Jesus.  As individuals and as a church family, we are learning to follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life and helping others become followers of Jesus too.  Discipleship best happens through relationships, so we invest in others and build disciples for Jesus in our homes, work places, community and the world.